True Self, Like Light – Gp Girard Perregaux Presents The New Goddess

Light is the way of energy,
It is everywhere, day and night.
It continues indefinitely, travels through time and space, and goes forward.

The refraction of light allows us to see different sides hidden in the material world.
Every woman can also discover the hidden unknown self from her heart.

When the meaning of ‘I’ is no longer just for important moments in life, but to enjoy each moment.
Contemporary women break the metaphysical rules, follow the inner light, live the true self, and are unique and confident.

The new GP Girard-Perregaux Cat`s eye series high-end jewellery watch presents a perfect interpretation of the subtle fusion of fine watchmaking technology and diamond setting art. The large-scale use of bar diamonds can better diffuse the light and reflect the light, which is an interpretation of different levels of beauty. The different combinations of bright diamonds paired with red and sapphire reflect the lingering and opaque inner feelings of contemporary women, but they cannot escape the unwillingness to follow the skirt. At this festival that shines with the charm of contemporary women, Girard-Perregaux expresses his sincere gift to each new goddess who dares to live the true self.

这款 On this watch, the iconic oval shape of the Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eyes ladies watch is like a piece of glittering artwork, which is even more luxurious under the decoration of extremely luxurious diamonds and sapphires.

The Cat’s Eye series of high-end jewellery watches shows the perfect fusion of two exquisite gem-cutting and inlaying techniques: the first is ‘invisible inlaying’-a truly extraordinary craftsmanship, which can only be experienced master craftsmen Control; the other is ‘snowflake inlay’-requiring different sizes and weights of diamonds to achieve a natural and smooth beauty. Where the light comes in, it will inevitably bloom—like the starlight under the action of an astronomical mirror—the magnificent rays of light and the bright colors.

Creating such a masterpiece requires no less than 316 diamonds and 94 blue sapphires. The case is inlaid with 23 baguette diamonds and 54 sapphires, which extend to the lugs, highlighting the preciousness and excellence of the watch, and also creating an attractive silhouette that you will never forget.

In the center of the watch, the gorgeous pavé dial is a collection of 286 diamonds of different cuts (total weight 2.05 carats) and 40 baguette sapphires-each of which is the result of first-class handmade art. After passing through the collection area, each gemstone will clearly show its respective cutting shape, including: stepped cut, swing cut, bright cut. The excellence of the Cat’s Eye high-end jewelry watch is due to the eclectic mix of different cutting processes, and the result of patience and passion. All of the above, it is finally achieved such a dynamic and lively work that shines with the light of life.

Finally, this masterpiece of fine jewelry watch is equipped with a GP3300 self-winding movement completely designed and produced by Girard-Perregaux watchmaking factory, which really makes the heart of the watch beat.