Rolex’s Long

It is not too late to get to the topic. Now everyone on Rolex in the market is very familiar with it, apart from talking about changes in the market, there is nothing to talk about. Therefore, here I will show you some rare Rolexes, everyone can grow their knowledge and increase fun together. Of course, in addition to Rolex, when I encounter other special watches, I will share them with you in time. What I want to show you today is Rolex’s ‘Dragon’ watch.

Rolex 6085 enamel dragon watch
   Although today, Rolex only produces simple function watches, not involved in complex watches and various processes. But Rolex is still very versatile in history. Although Rolex has not produced any complicated watches, the most complicated watch is the historical full-calendar moon phase and the current annual calendar Skywalker. But Rolex produced some enamel watches. I think Rolex’s enamel watch is special. Because you take a look, other brands of enamel watches use very thin and exquisite formal case. Only Rolex is made of enamel on the oyster case with a sports style. ‘Tiger sniffing roses’ feeling.

Rolex 6085
   This Rolex 6085 enamel watch is called a ‘dragon’, because the surface is a dragon with filigree enamel. Like other Rolex enamel watches, the dial of this Rolex Dragon is ordered from the dial factory of Stern. The person who painted the dragon is also Ms. Nelly Richard who mentioned in my Rolex and Omega enamel watch article. She is an expert in enamel. She makes enamel plates for many brands. Unfortunately, she died early.

Rolex 6085 details
   This Rolex dragon is a European-style dragon. This dragon is very delicate and delicate. If we take a closer look at the color of the dragon, we will find that the color of the dragon’s body and tail varies from light to dark. Surrounding the dragon are hour markers consisting of numbers, diamond-shaped scales, and a 12-point Rolex crown. So far, Rolex has only 5 dragon-patterned enamel watches through expert research. The dragons on each watch are different, because the enamel cannot burn the exact same pattern. So every watch is an orphan. In addition, this watch uses an 18K gold chain.

Rolex 6085 details
   The Rolex dragon was valued at 500,000 to 1 million Swiss francs at the time, and was eventually sold for 670,000 Swiss francs for about RMB 4.65 million.

Nomos Presents Two New Aqua Neomatik Siren Watches

German watch brand NOMOS has launched two new timepieces to further enrich the AquaNeomatikSiren series. Based on the Club and Ahoi models, the new watch is equipped with a DUW3001 self-winding movement and is water-resistant to 200 meters.

 Among them, AhoiNeomatikSiren watch diameter 36 mm, ClubNeomatikSiren watch diameter 37 mm. The dials of both watches are white, with red Arabic numerals and time markers, which are striking. The hour and minute hands are coated with Superluminova fluorescent material to ensure that the time can be read clearly in the dark.
 The watch’s DUW3001 movement is only 3.2 mm thick and uses the NOMOSswingsystem escapement. It is extremely thin and precise. Like the other models in the collection, the new watch comes with a special light gray fabric strap. The strap was designed by NOMOS and woven in France to exact specifications. It is reported that two new watches will be on sale in July this year. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)