What Are The Luxury Watch Brands? Ten Luxury Watch Brands Introduced!

The watch itself is a very high-value product. Basically, Swiss watches are basically more than 5,000 to 10,000 yuan, and high-end Swiss watches are from 20,000 to hundreds of thousands. And even more expensive than high-end watches, definitely considered luxury watches. Many of these watches range from a few million to tens of millions or more, and many are not easy to buy even with money. This watch generally has two major characteristics: First, the number is limited and precious. Second, it has a unique personality style and technology, which is very collectible. Today, Watch House introduces the top ten luxury watch brands!
1.Patek Philippe

   The Patek Philippe watch industry is referred to as PP for short, beginning in 1839. The basic model of Patek Philippe generally exceeds 100,000 yuan, and it is more than 200,000 yuan if it is more complicated. The high-end generally has a million-level take-off. Cultivate a PATEK
PHILIPPE watchmaker needs 10 years. The top model of Patek Philippe is hand-made, no more than 6 people can make it, and only one order is accepted each year. The delivery period is up to 4 years. Of course the price is expensive, about 30 million yuan, but it is worth the money. Patek Philippe’s customers are royalty, nobles, rich, celebrities, etc. Each watch has a number and customer information.

‘Forsey’ is referred to as ‘GF’. It is the world’s top luxury watch brand. There are almost no watches below 1 million yuan. Basically it starts at 2 million yuan. Expensive as high as 21 million yuan, and it is more expensive abroad, ‘Greubel
‘Forsey’ has amazing creativity and possesses the world’s original 4 tourbillon technology.
The ‘Forsey’ watch can be called the watch’s artwork. Its world’s top technology, the most creative design, and exquisite craftsmanship have made the global watch industry amazing, and of course the price is also amazing.
3.Vacheron Constantin

   Established in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest watch manufacturer and one of the world’s most famous watch factories. Only more than 20,000 are produced each year. The cross mark on the dial, like the Swiss national emblem, is already a symbol of taste, status and wealth. ‘Minimum batch, best quality, highest selling price’ has always been Vacheron Constantin’s business strategy. Today, Vacheron Constantin’s plant in Geneva produces only 6,000 watches per year. Since 1840, the production drawings, records, sales date and movement case number of each watch have been kept intact in the company’s filing cabinet. They combine superior technology, rigorous testing, exquisite craftsmanship and perfect shape to create one after another noble and elegant, amazing and collectible rare classics. In the long years of watchmaking, it has become a symbol of luxury and elegance. ‘Maltese Cross’ is the mark of Vacheron Constantin. It was originally a precision gear used to adjust the tension of the mainspring in the manual watchmaking era. Only use it to symbolize superior craftsmanship and hand-made watchmaking tradition.
4.Audemars Piguet

   Founded in Switzerland in 1881, Audemars Piguet is no less in the watch world than Vacheron Constantin. It is one of the world’s top watch brands, with prices ranging from 100,000 to 4 million. The top level can reach 8 million yuan. Audemars Piguet’s Grand at the 10th Paris Universal Watch Fair held in 1889
Complication tortoise watch, with watch function, double-hand timer and permanent calendar function, exquisite design has caused great repercussions, has gained international fame, and has established a high status for Audemars Piguet in the watch altar. Since then, Audemars Piguet has won numerous awards. Today, under the leadership of the fourth generation descendants of the Audemars and Piguet families, Audemars Piguet has achieved great success, won the respect of watch connoisseurs and collectors, and has become one of the top ten watches in the world. One. The ‘Royal Oak’ collection is a classic of Audemars Piguet and a love watch by Schwarzenegger.
5.Harry Winston

   Harry Winston is a world-renowned super jewelry brand and even the King of Diamonds.
Diamonds). It has been more than a century since the ancestors started making jewelry. In 2011, Harry Winston
Re-elected as the No. 1 luxury jewelry brand in the high society of the United States. Harry Winston is known for his jewellery, and his watches are sought after by the nobles for extreme luxury. Harry
Winston’s exquisite craftsmanship and careful consideration of cut diamonds can always increase the value of diamonds by changing hands.郅 In addition to royal aristocrats such as Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Windsor, well-known Hollywood stars and Harry
A favorite of Winston jewelry.
6.Earl Piaget

   Piaget (Piaget) was founded in 1874, Switzerland, one of the world’s top ten watches, with its superb watchmaking technology for a century to lead the watch industry, the world watch industry issued a brilliant, brilliant. Piaget (Piaget) pioneered the slim mechanical operating device, which has achieved outstanding achievements, and is a historical legend in the watch industry. To this day, every part of PIAGET’s production is made by PIAGET studio. It is unique, meticulous, and even has its own metal foundry to ensure perfection. PIAGET is also famous for its precious jewellery watches. It uses expensive diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, and it takes hundreds of hours of careful creation by PIAGET craftsmen to complete a work. . Piaget’s most luxurious diamond watch sells for up to 20 million yuan, which is really a saying ‘the poor play a car, the rich watch’.
7.Richard Mille

   Richard Mille, the world’s top mechanical watch brand, has revolutionary watchmaking technology, and the most sophisticated tourbillon watch developed by the world is famous. Wearing Richard Mille
Tourbillon watch You can drive F1 and play tennis! If you want to wear a watch in intense sports, choose Richard
Mille. But you must first be able to afford the price of 250,000-5 million yuan. And Richard Mille
Few watches under 200,000 yuan. Currently coaching the Spanish giants Real Madrid, Mourinho and tennis star Nadal wear Richard Mille watches. From the first watch to today, Richard
Mille has won numerous awards.

   DeWitt is still a less familiar brand for Chinese people. DeWitt was founded in 2003. Although it is a French brand, it is produced in Switzerland. In the same year, the first ultra-complex watch was launched, which shocked the altarpiece. Tourbillon 2005
The Differential Acadamia Tourbillon Watch wins the Best Invention Award at the Geneva Watch Awards. This is due to the founder Jerome de
Witt’s focus on complex performance and a daring goal of innovation. Watch enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world will appreciate the style of DeWitt watches, but they will also be conquered by the complicated functions with original ideas. ‘Pressy’, the world’s best watchmaking technology
‘Complication’ has attracted worldwide attention. The functions of tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, double-second hand-timer, jump-back calendar and week hand are all indispensable. The manufacture of this watch once again highlights the DeWitt brand in the field of complex function table production Transcendental status.

   Powell is a brand rarely known to Chinese people, but the Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty was familiar with it, including many royal ministers wearing Bovet pocket watches, and Li Hongzhang even loved it. Bovet watches were very popular in the high society at the time, and the top watch brand Bovet from Switzerland had an inextricable relationship with China. Bovet always maintains a small batch of manual production methods in Switzerland. In the past, Bowei produced a total of 250 watches a year, and today it only produces 2,000 watches. The price is naturally expensive. The low-end watches are basically 100,000 to hundreds of thousands, and the high-end watches are as high as 5 million yuan.
10.HD3 Complication

   HD3 Complication is the master of the watch industry Jorg Hysek, Valerie Ursenbacher, Fabrice
A new watch brand co-founded by Gonet. Jorg
Hysek is a big-name designer in the watch industry. He has played for Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Tiffany, Cartier and other world-renowned brands. Due to dissatisfaction with the constraints of design, in order to realize his own ideas, he founded the latter two to create HD3 Brand. The last two are also geniuses in the watch industry. Adhering to the concept of originality, design and rare brand, each series of HD3 will only be produced in a limited number of 33, which will also make HD3 a sky-high trademark. Most HD3 watches cost between 250,000 and 3 million yuan. Few watches under 200,000 yuan.
   The above are the ‘Top Ten Luxury Watch Brands’ introduced by Watch House. Some of them are rare or even rare in China, and most people have never heard of them. But it is undeniable that these watches have precise craftsmanship and high quality, and are naturally expensive, so they can be called luxury watches!