Witness The Moment And Stay Forever. Le Méridien Announces New Brand Image Ambassador

On July 23, 2014, Maurice Lacroix (Amy), a well-known Swiss watch brand under DKSH Group, presented a ‘Witness Moment • Eternity’ at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing. The theme press conference announced that Mr. Zhang Dongjian, the movie star of the Korean Blue Dragon Awards, became his brand ambassador.
   As a talented and talented Asian filmmaker, Mr. Zhang Dongjian has been steadily going all the way. With his unremitting art accumulation and rich life experience, he has achieved extraordinary achievements today. And Le Méridien was able to speak out of the brand spirit of the Swiss high-end watchmaking industry: calm, innovation and full commitment, which is also vividly reflected in Zhang Dongjian’s character.

   At the entrance of the site, a giant ice sculpture is placed. Inside the ice sculpture, a square wheel model representing Le Méridien’s spirit of excellence and innovation is inlaid. Visually transparent, ice mist, time seems to freeze.

   Obviously, time cannot be truly frozen. The water that has been dripping symbolizes the passage of time. This delicately-conceived installation art has achieved the excellent footnote of “Witnessing the Moment • Eternal Eternity”.

In order to be able to meet Amy’s new brand ambassador earlier, various media have already arrived early.

   The football at the scene is not just to remember the World Cup that has just ended, but to tell us that Le Méridien solemnly announced that it has signed a three-year contract with the La Liga giants Barcelona club, officially becoming the designated official watch partner of Barcelona. Guests at the scene can join the ‘Minecraft Wave’ interactive game through holographic interactive imaging technology. The atmosphere was warm and beautiful, just like the passion and vitality in the core of Le Méridien.

   The magnificent stage is splendid and colorful decorated with various lights, and the five huge LED displays also bring guests a sense of layered visual enjoyment.

After an extremely exciting watch video, the press conference officially began.

   Since the launch of its first wristwatch in 1975, Le Méridien has been unique in the Swiss high-end watchmaking field with a brand image of superb craftsmanship, innovative ingenuity and excellent design. It has achieved outstanding results and has won the respect of professionals and watch lovers. With recognition.

   Mr. Stephane Waser, Managing Director of Le Méridien, said: ‘Over the years, Le Méridien has dedicated itself to the development of self-made movements and complex parts of mechanical movements, constantly challenging the pinnacle of technology. Experienced watchmaking at Le Méridien The Master loves to create each precious mechanical watch, and strives for perfection and perfection. Its iconic Masterpiece, Pontos and Les Classiques have their own endowments. One of the few high-end watchmaking brands, Le Méridien not only deserves its historical heritage and wins the essence of Swiss watchmaking; it also strives for innovation and breakthrough in its design. Its extraordinary works have won the red dot design award in the prestigious international product competition Has won many awards and registered several patents and trademarks. ‘

   On the day of the event, Mr. Francis Phua, General Manager of DKSH Greater China, said that Le Méridien’s outstanding strength, both internally and externally, has developed steadily around the world, creating a glorious journey of determination. At present, the sales network has a good reputation in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. As one of the most important overseas markets in the global layout of Le Méridien, the Chinese market has achieved remarkable results under the operation of DKSH Group, and has continued to become a brand strategic high ground due to its huge potential.

At this moment, a masked male paper appeared on the stage. Is he the brand ambassador of Amy?

   Just as we were guessing, a familiar figure appeared on the big screen. As the first actor in the Korean Blue Dragon Awards, Zhang Dongjian successfully shaped many unforgettable roles and established his personal reputation in the international film scene. He appeared in the MBC TV series ‘Our Heaven’ in 1993 and made his debut on the screen. In 2005, he participated in starring in the film ‘Wuji’ directed by Chen Kaige, which is more well known to Chinese fans. He has witnessed countless wonderful moments with his brilliant acting skills, courage to innovate, and deep personality charm. His quality image has been fixed in the hearts of movie fans for a long time, and has also won the appreciation of Le Meridien.

Is he Zhang Dongjian?

   At this time on the stage, a bunch of fixed-point lights lit up on the back of this male paper; in the background music, the beautiful piano song ‘Memory’ flowed leisurely. Guests at the scene took the time tunnel, followed his inner monologue, and revisited the journey of the stars. From the beginning of the youthful time, growing all the way, and then bravely meeting the challenge and running up to the gorgeous bloom, Zhang Dongjian used his ups and downs and never give up his life experience as a script, detailing the traces of time in his life.

   Then a stage play was staged. The masked man was not Zhang Dongjian, but was involved in three mime segments as time messengers.

At the moment of time freezing, he gave roses to the couple in dispute.

Build bridges between mothers and daughters who lack communication.

The white-haired mother put on her shawl to wait for her family to return from the snow …

   The time messenger uses magic to stop the years, instantly transforming the hard into warmth, the ultimate meaning of time to fate is self-evident. In those moments in our daily lives that pass by us, if we change our mind and cherish the beauty in them, perhaps we have witnessed eternity in a smarter way.

   Just as everyone was moved by this stage play, Mr. Zhang Dongjian, the brand ambassador of Le Méridien, stepped onto the stage, and the audience screamed with enthusiasm and cheers!

  This time Zhang Dongjian accepted the invitation and became the brand’s brand new ambassador. At the press conference, he performed the theme of “Witnessing the Moment • Eternal Eternity” with outstanding performance of weightlessness. In a nutshell, this sincere cooperation between the two sides will lead more successful people to review their lives, to show their self, and to understand the motto of Le Méridien, ‘At this moment, forever.’

I have to admit, Zhang Dongjian is really handsome!

Zhang Dongjian said that Le Meridien’s superb craftsmanship, innovative ingenuity and excellent design deeply impressed him.

A modest smile appeared on his face when he heard Mr. Stephane Waser, Managing Director of Le Méridien, praise him.

  Inviting public figures who resonate with image traits and brand DNA to become image ambassadors and promote brand ideas is a consistent communication strategy of Le Méridien. The cooperation between Le Méridien and Mr. Zhang Dongjian reflects the brand’s high recognition of its career achievements, and also locks in the coincidence of the characters of both parties, expressing the warm feelings about time and life.

Do you think it is his leg length or Lee Min Ho’s leg length?

Zhang Dongjian showed his elegant temperament with every move.

  As soon as the ingenious series square wheel watch was launched, it immediately caused a sensation in the watchmaking industry with its innovative time display method. The hollow square wheel that rotates continuously indicates the time value, unique style, clear and recognizable, accurate and reliable. The reciprocating watch parts create a dreamlike effect, expressing time in an ingenious and fun way, winning countless fans. The ingenious series square wheel watch has a simple and elegant appearance and has become the iconic model of the ingenious family. The patented design square wheel series is still the only watch with a functional square wheel mechanism.

   Gravity treats everyone equally, on the same order of magnitude. It is a phenomenon in which two objects interact with each other and is the reason why all objects are directed to the surface of the earth. Ingenious Gravity Watches are thought-provoking and challenge the old rules. This timepiece made with cutting-edge technology and full of contemporary atmosphere does not simply convey time information, but uses an extremely creative expression to form emotional interaction with the wearer. The oscillating weight and escapement of the watch are located on the dial side. The swinging back and forth of the pendulum and the non-stop operation of the pallet fork are like a wonderful show, full of fun and irritating.

   Powerful engines have extraordinary appeal and are irresistible for those who seek excitement. An engine equipped with a mechanical supercharging device can inject oxygen-filled air under pressure to accelerate fuel combustion and reach a more extreme speed. The potential power of the supercharging device is exactly the same as that of the surging Amy Bento series S SUPERCHARGED chronograph. But in the face of this untamed beast, can you control it well?
   Finally, let us review the Le Méridien motto ‘YOUR TIME IS NOW’ and explore the rustic definition of life and time itself.